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COVID-19 Resources

In this unprecedented crisis, cities and transit agencies are taking action to address the most critical impacts of the coronavirus and ensure essential services operate in their communities. With all the unknowns that this outbreak presents, best practices are still being established, and cities are finding that actions taken one day may need to be changed the next.

These are critical times for cities to learn from and support each other. As a global community, we stand together.


NACTO’s resources on COVID-19 response are supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies. Sign up for Bloomberg Philanthropies’ City Hall Coronavirus Daily Update for actions cities are taking in response to the coronavirus crisis.


Streets for Pandemic Response and Recovery

The COVID-19 global pandemic altered every aspect of urban life in recent months. In response, city transportation officials around the world have quickly implemented new street design and management tools to keep essential workers and goods moving, provide safe access to grocery stores and other essential businesses, and ensure that people have safe space for social/physical distancing while getting outside. These evolving practices will shape our cities as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and are key to our long-term recovery.

Streets for Pandemic Response and Recovery compiles emerging practices from around the world and includes implementation resources for cities and their partners. Recognizing the rapidly changing nature of this pandemic, Streets for Pandemic Response and Recovery will be revised and expanded to include new strategies, address changing conditions, and provide the best possible information on each design practice.



Join the International Forum

In light of the rapidly evolving global COVID-19 pandemic, NACTO/NACTO-GDCI has created a dedicated forum for cities to exchange ideas and information related to varying COVID-19 response measures. We know that city governments, and their partner organizations, are on the front lines of responding to this public health crisis and that many are grappling with new and complex challenges. This forum is a space for those government officials and city staff members to ask questions and share information with one another.

COVID-19: Transportation Response Center

NACTO’s COVID-19 Transportation Response Center is a regularly-updated collection of cities’ responses to the current pandemic. This collection shares actions taken by many cities, and is not an endorsement of any specific response method; rather, it serves as a learning tool for other cities to build on and add to. 

Multimedia Content

NACTO-produced webinars, videos, and audio recordings that highlight emerging practices and themes in city and transit agencies’ responses to COVID-19. 

Take the Survey

As the pandemic response rapidly changes, we are asking for your input, to ensure that what we’re developing aligns with what you most need. Please take a few minutes to let us know what would be most useful to you.