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Selected Conference Presentations

From Designing Cities 2020: Virtual Convening


GlobalTrotting: Australia/New Zealand

December 9, 2020

Speaker: Rob Adams | Director, City Design and Projects, City of Melbourne



GlobalTrotting: Africa/Europe

December 9, 2020

Speaker: Joni Baboci | Senior Advisor for Planning and Urban Development to the Mayor of Tirana



The Playful City: Designing Streets for Kids

December 7, 2020

Learn to look at streets through the lens of children and caregivers, and to integrate play, joy, and beauty into safe street design. This interactive workshop builds on NACTO’s Designing Streets for Kids guidance, discussing street design strategies, how to engage kids, and why school streets are so critical to provide during the pandemic.

Annie Peyton | NACTO Global Designing Cities Initiative
Anna Siprikova | NACTO Global Designing Cities Initiative
Eduardo Pompeo Martins | NACTO Global Designing Cities Initiative
Eduarda Aun | NACTO Global Designing Cities Initiative
Tim Gill | International Expert on Child Development



Pop-Up to Permanent: Delivering Lasting Impacts from Pilot Projects

December 4, 2020

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, from altered travel patterns to the need for outdoor dining space, have spurred cities to work quickly and embrace pop-up projects. Using low-cost, readily available materials, cities across the world have rapidly tested new street designs to meet shifting community needs. To help city staff transition from pandemic response to recovery, this workshop examines how to evaluate which temporary pop-ups should be converted to permanent projects. Panelists discuss an equity-centered approach to exploring metrics used to evaluate and prioritize projects, as well as frameworks to help consider and decide which projects to take from pop-up to permanent.


Alex Hanson | Sam Schwartz
David Smith
| Chicago DOT
Lian Farhi
| Sam Schwartz
Po Sun
| Sam Schwartz
Siddharth Shah
| Sam Schwartz
Beatriz Rodrigues Andrade
| Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety
Demetrio Scopelliti
| Director of Urban Planning and Public Space, City of Milan



Setting Safe Speeds on City Streets

December 2, 2020

If you’re ready to step through the process of setting contextually-appropriate speed limits on city streets, then this workshop is for you. In this session, NACTO and GDCI staff overview the technical guidance in NACTO’s City Limits and upcoming Safe Speeds design guide, and walk through its applications on sample streets.

Hayrettin Günç | NACTO Global Designing Cities Initiative
Matthew Roe | NACTO
Eduarda Aun | NACTO Global Designing Cities Initiative
Majed Abdulsamad | NACTO Global Designing Cities Initiative
Solomon Green-Eames | NACTO Global Designing Cities Initiative
Jenny O’Connell | NACTO