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Global Street Design Guide

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The Global Street Design Guide is supporting practitioners to redefine the role of streets in cities around the world. Created with the input of experts from 72 cities in 42 countries, the Guide offers technical details to inform street design that prioritizes pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders.


Advance Praise

Smart street design improves lives in so many ways, from reducing emissions that cause harmful air pollution and drive climate change, to making streets safer and helping local businesses. The Global Street Design Guide is a powerful resource that can help cities around the world become safer and stronger.

Michael R. Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York City

For more than a century, street life was what grew through the cracks in pavement—a liveliness that thrived despite the asphalt and traffic. The Global Street Design Guide starts from an opposite principle, that we can’t wait for streets to produce human outliers that survive against the odds, but that we must instead design them to make active, engaging street life inevitable.

Jan Gehl, Urbanist, Architect, and Author of Cities for People

Streets are the foundation of a city’s entire social structure— getting around, working, living, shopping, and playing. With this guide, cities have, for the first time, a universal resource for creating cities that operate for everyone who uses them.

Enrique Peñalosa, Mayor of Bogotá

Cities are undergoing a street design revolution, and the Global Street Design Guide is the first document to capture the brave, new world of strategies that are transforming cities on every continent. Drawn from life and sourced with real-world examples, this guide establishes a new categorical imperative for safer streets that level the playing field for transit, bike riders, and pedestrians. It creates a new international language for urban livability, mobility and economy.

Janette Sadik-Khan, Bloomberg Associates, former Transportation Commissioner for NYC

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