GDCI Projects, Webinars May 19, 2022

Live Launch Event: How to Implement and Evaluate Street Transformations

Update – webinar can be viewed here

May 19, 2022

9:00 am – 10:00 am ET

Join us for a live conversation with three cities to launch our new handbooks: How to Implement Street Transformations and How to Evaluate Street Transformations. These handbooks distill GDCI’s experience implementing and evaluating street transformation projects in cities around the world, and are an important step in changing the decades-long embedded practice of implementing and evaluating street transformations from a car-centric point of view. Through the methodologies highlighted in these resources, cities can redirect their focus from accommodating vehicles to creating streets that put people of all ages and abilities first.


(1) Presentation 

(2) Panel

(3) Q&A and interactive discussion

(4) Wrap-up

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Fabrizio Prati, Director of Design (GDCI)Najwa Doughman, Program Manager (GDCI) Vivi Tiezzi, Urban Designer (São Paulo, Brazil)


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How Do Kids Experience Streets? A Reverse Periscope Companion Guide

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How Do Kids Experience Streets? A Reverse Periscope Companion Guide

The Streets for Kids Reverse Periscope is a do-it-yourself tool that encourages planners, city officials, and others to experience the obstacles and attractions of city streets from a child’s perspective.

Jardim Monte Verde

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Jardim Monte Verde

At the end of 2021, Jardim Monte Verde, a community in the outskirts of Recife, Brazil, reclaimed almost 800 square meters of road space for people. This transformation project included creating 11 new, safer crossings, as well as road safety measures such as speed humps, narrow traffic lanes and extended sidewalks. The new space also included vibrant colors and a place for people to gather.

PIAZZE APERTE: A Public Space Program for Milan

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PIAZZE APERTE: A Public Space Program for Milan

As part of a collaboration between Agenzia Mobilità Ambiente Territorio (AMAT), Bloomberg Associates and the Global Designing Cities Initiative, the City of Milan has developed an innovative public space program named Piazze Aperte or “Open squares.”