Webinars December 11, 2018

Jumping in with Both Pedals: Lessons from Rapid Implementation of Cycling Networks

Cycling has the power to unlock the city—from the short errand to the commute trip, providing dedicated cycling infrastructure creates more opportunities to move safely, efficiently, sustainably, and affordably. Access to cycling is independence.

However, to fully unleash the opportunity for citywide mobility by bicycle, cities have to build complete cycling networks. While we think of the process of changing infrastructure as a years- or even decades-long endeavor, hear from two cities that are rapidly implementing complete cycling networks, fundamentally transforming their streets and unlocking cycling for travelers of all ages and abilities. In this webinar, Alain Boulanger from Paris City Hall and Manuel Calvo from EstudioMC in Sevilla discussed the social, design, and political aspects of forward-thinking mobility, and shared insights on the efforts to elevate the state of bike networks in both cities.

Nicole Payne, program manager at NACTO, moderated the discussion and took questions from attendees for presenters to address at the end of the session.

We asked the speakers to answer your questions which weren’t addressed during the session, see what they had to say here.


More about the speakers:

Alain Boulanger

A graduate of the Paris School of Engineers, Alain started his career with the Traffic Department of the City Hall of Paris. His work has spanned from the development of the first cycling routes in two of Paris’s arrondissements to designing bus lanes and junctions to improve the movement of buses in Paris, to the management of sustainable mobility measures to reduce traffic pollution.

Alain is currently working where he began his career – now as head of the local Urban Street Works in four of Paris’s arrondissements.

Manuel Calvo

Manuel is the Sustainability Senior Consultant at the EstudioMC. His work focuses on the development and implementation of technical assistance related to sustainable mobility, strategic environmental assessment, and urban planning.

A socio-ecologist by training, Manuel also has a background in Biology and Humanities and is a former professor of Economics and Environment in the University Pablo de Olavide in Sevilla, Spain.

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