Global Street Design Guide

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Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Global Street Design Guide

Case Study: Av. 9 de Julio; Buenos Aires, Argentina

Location: Montserrat, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Population: 2.8 million
Metro: 12.7 million
Context: High-Density, Mixed-Use
Right-of-Way: 140 m
Length: 2.7 km
Cost: 150 million ARS (15.9 million USD)
Funding: Public
Max. Speed: 60 km/h


One of the widest streets in the world, Avenida 9 de Julio functioned as a highway through the city. In 2013, it was transformed by an extensive capital project to promote transit and pedestrian use in the corridor. Bus routes were moved from narrow parallel streets to  the avenue, improving efficiency and clarity and increasing the avenue’s capacity.

Keys to Success

  • Interagency coordination.
  • Vehicle fleet upgrade and driver training.
  • Context-oriented design.
  • Public participation and involvement.
  • Commitment from the city to improve the transit infrastructure along the corridor.

The new central median of the avenue.

Key Elements

New four-lane, center-running BRT transitway replacing four mixed-traffic travel lanes.

Level-boarding central platform.

Planted side medians.

Central walk-through pedestrian paths connecting all the stations on the avenue.

Pedestrian markings and LED signals with countdown clocks added to transit stops.


Public Agencies
City of Buenos Aires, Federal Government, bus operators

Citizen Associations and Nonprofits
Local nonprofits and associations of residents, bus drivers, taxi drivers, and shopkeepers


  • Improve road safety and traffic conditions.
  • Improve transit performance, efficiency, and reliability.
  • Promote modal shift from private vehicles to collective transport.
  • Improve air quality, reduce energy consumption and emissions.
  • Reduce noise pollution.
  • Redesign 60% of all streets in the central area to prioritize pedestrians and cyclists.


Project Timeline

Adapted by Global Street Design Guide published by Island Press.