Global Street Design Guide

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Table of Contents

Global Street Design Guide

Temporary street closures restrict motorized access to a street while allowing pedestrians, and in some cases, cyclists, roller bladers, or skateboarders. While many streets are periodically

closed to traffic for special events, the examples below refer to streets with a regularly scheduled closing, such as market streets, Ciclovías, or Open Streets. See: Network Management.

Car-Free Days and Ciclovías
Major streets can be closed on weekends to motorized traffic. These closures typically allow pedestrians, cyclists, and other recreational users, as well as limited curbside activities. Successful examples include New Delhi Raahgiri, New York City Summer Streets, and Bogota Ciclovía.

São Paulo, Brazil

Play Streets

Low-volume local streets can be closed for a specific portion of the day or weekend for play and recreation. Play streets are often adjacent to playgrounds, schools, or residential areas with limited park space. They can help to temporarily address a lack of public space in neighborhoods of need.

New York City, USA

Market Streets

Streets adjacent to public parks, landmarks, or key corridors can be fully or partially closed for a food fair or farmers market. Markets may be seasonal and open only during daylight hours, or on some days of the week.

Hong Kong, China

Seasonal Closures

Seasonal closures can be used as a strategy to test a long-term closure, to build public support for transformation, or to offer additional public open space for specific seasons. La Playa in Medellín, Colombia has hosted monthly closures, and Paris Plages in Paris and has seen seasonal closures develop into permanent pedestrianization.

Medellín, Colombia

Special Events

Support local festivals, celebrations, parades, concerts, and other events by closing multiple streets for a single or a few days.

Kolkata, India

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