Global Street Design Guide

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Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Global Street Design Guide

Case Study: St. Marks Rd.; Bangalore, India

Location: Bangalore, India
Population: 8.42 million
Context: Central Business District
Right-of-way: 18–20 m (on average)
Length: Approximately 1 km
Cost: 1.15 billion INR (20 million USD) for the first phase
Funding: Public
Max. Speed: 40 km/h


The reconstruction of this one-way street addressed several major challenges, including inadequate design and planning, poor maintenance standards, and inefficient utility management.

The project took a comprehensive, multidimensional approach under the program Tender S.U.R.E.: break once, and fix once and for all. This approach promotes upfront investment in quality materials and construction to increase durability.

Context Map




  • Balance existing uses.
  • Enhance user experience, increase pedestrian safety, and calm traffic.
  • Reduce disruptive construction practices by investing in upfront, quality
  • construction for long-term durability.

Key Elements

Enhanced and extended sidewalks.

One-way protected cycle tracks.

Consistent travel lanes.

Dedicated and paved bus, auto rickshaw, and parking bays.

Landscaped strip between the motorized and non-motorized paths.

Protection and enhancement of existing trees with pits and guards.

Reconfiguration of underground utilities with the creation of access chambers for utility lines.

Keys to Success

  • Interagency coordination.
  • Public participation and involvement from the early stages of the project.
  • Documentation and verification of existing utilities as part of planning and design process.


Public Agencies
Government of Karnataka, Bangalore Municipal Corporation (BBMP), Bangalore Development Authority, KPTCL, Traffic Police, Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), BESCOM

Nonprofit Organizations
Jana Urban Space, Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy

Designers and Engineers
Jana USP (Designer), NAPC (Contractor)


Project Timeline

Adapted by Global Street Design Guide published by Island Press.