Global Street Design Guide

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Table of Contents

Global Street Design Guide

Case Study 1: Calle 107; Medellin, Colombia

Location: Andalucia neighborhood, Medellín, Colombia
Population: 2.4 million
Metro: 3.7 million
Context: Residential (Informal Settlement)
Right-of-way: 19 m
Extent: approx. 1 km
Cost: 3.2 billion COP (1.1 million USD)
Funding: Public
Max. Speed: 30 km/h


The Calle 107 urban promenade is a 19-m wide street, located between the Medellín river and the Andalucía station of the Metrocable in Medellín. The street plays an important commercial role and serves as a gathering place for residents. In recent years, the street experienced an increase in commercial activity.

The street design project includes a pedestrian promenade, improvements to existing public spaces, and a new park. The redesign aims to strengthen the role of the street by recognizing its nature as a pedestrian axis and by strengthening the businesses located along it.

Taking into consideration a series of requests from the residents, the city of Medellín decided to upgrade the street. In its southern stretch, the street has been partially converted into an urban promenade. This includes the creation of a large sidewalk paved with quality materials in order to make the promenade more visually recognizable.

In addition, the Urban Development Agency negotiated with the landlord of the properties adjacent to the street to use similar treatments to building frontage areas to maintain a consistent and recognizable urban design identity.

Calle 107 was transformed from a car-oriented road to a mixed and pedestrian-friendly street, stimulating commercial development.



  • Create a clear distinction between public and private space.
  • Provide places for play and relaxation.
  • Create a safe, well-lit, and easily surveyed pedestrian route.
  • Employ sustainable landscape practices.
  • Use easy-to-maintain and durable designs and materials.


Public Agencies
Municipality of Medellín, Empresa de Desarrollo Urbano (EDU), Department of Transportation, Department of City Planning

Citizen Associations and Unions
The community of Andalucía

Designers and Engineers
Empresa de Desarrollo Urbano (EDU)

Key Elements

High-quality, durable materials that are locally sourced.

Tree planting and porous surfaces.

High-quality lighting.

Wide, continuous sidewalks.

Project Timeline

Adapted by Global Street Design Guide published by Island Press.

Case Study 2: Khayelitsha; Cape Town, South Africa

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Case Study 2: Khayelitsha; Cape Town, South Africa